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NILE RIVER CRUISE – Egypt in a nutshell

Why to go? A cruise on the Nile would take you thousands of years back in time, when people harvested their lands according to the Great River’s cycle, worshiped numerous gods and built grand temples for their god-like kings, in the belief that they would get reincarnated. The Nile has been a source of life for the ancient Egyptians, inseparably intertwined with this great country’s history and culture. On those trips you get to see pretty much all of Egypt’s marvels, scattered along the river and you don’t even have to shift your luggage!     When to go? It’s best to visit Egypt from October to April, when it’s not that hot and overcrowded. Keep in mind that during summer temperatures usually exceed 40 degrees Celsius or get even higher inside tombs and temples. Plus, shadows are rare and many places are un-air-conditioned. Where to go & what to see? Depending on the cruise company you choose and the number of days you spend on the trip, itineraries may vary. U

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